Born in Italy in 1987, Stefania Salvato (Charlotte Bridge) starts writing songs at the age of 12. She loves to sing and learns herself guitar and synths. After playing in different bands (mostly pop punk) she gains some visibility in Italy with the dream pop duo Talk To Me (A Long Time Waiting in 2012 and Roads in 2014, Stop Records). In 2014 Stefania moves to Luxembourg and starts her new solo project, Charlotte bridge. In October 2014 her second collaboration with the electronic band Mothell (the first being as Talk To Me in 2013) is released with Doner Music. Nebula Sound System is 2nd on the iTunes Italia electronic music chart. Charlotte Bridge's first song, Too Young to Sleep is released in December 2014 for a compilation by the Italian radio Indiepercui. In 2015 she releases a full album in collaboration with Edwin Aldin, a Luxembourgish musician and producer. The album, Fears, Hopes and Maps is released on Bonus Noise Records. Charlotte Bridge is currently working also on her solo EP which will be out in 2016.


Luogo: Luxembourg,