Empire EP

Maggio 2016

Empire - Empire EP


Empire is a Post-Rock quartet from Turin, Italy.

The band formed in 2013, after the four members played together in different projects since 2006.
Their music is a mixture of delicate piano melodies and raging guitar's distortions, heavily influenced by '90s alternative rock and movie soundtracks.
Their first EP, released in Summer 2015, was recorded in a two hours-long live session.
This was done to give the songs a more energic and honest feel, instead of recording every instrument separately.


All music is written by Empire: 

Andrea Castoldi: guitar 
Mattia Coluccia: guitar, piano 
Pier Vittorio Larocca: drums, piano 
Paolo Nosenzo: bass


Produced by Empire. 
Recorded in a live session, at LAREDO Studio, Turin, Italy, with the assistance of Max Laredo and Fabio Lombardo. 
Mixed and mastered by Fabio Lombardo. 
Artwork by Freiherr Design.

Released July 12, 2015.