Maggio 2017

Lettere da un'Occupante - BUFFWATER / BETTERSTEP


Lettere da un'Occupante are 6 years old, and as all childs do, they are teething.

In the less and less ignored and maltreated theater of prose of the defeatism that is the ligurian province, these three annoyed youngsters have found one sure dimension of theirs in which to close their eyes and feel at home, even if "home" it is a more and more abstract concept.

Looking for a form of their own, they are trying to bring with them the whole baggage of crooked and difficult influences that the province brings in it, without all the facilities that a great city involves.

These four songs are the most vivid definition of our small world made of "carrugi" and wasted days,friends leaving, some staying,and little tears hidden under the hood, because sometimes you grow up and you don't have time to figure it out.

Lettere da un'Occupante are Thomas, Marco and Alekos,if you would listen to this EP they will try to better define that story, because we're not that able to explain it.