Effects Of The Head's Mass

Dicembre 2015

Psicotaxi - Effects Of The Head's Mass

"Effect of the Head’s Mass": 6 tracks, three instrumental and 3 composed with Benigni. Gianpiero Risico, on saxophone, and Emanuele “Manolo” Cedrone on percussion instruments, were a precious contribution to the album, which shows the band's inclination to space rock and the visionary nature typical of bands likes Hawkwind, Can, Tool, and Ozric Tentacles. But it also includes the search for a new approach to such a prestigious and committed musical tradition. All this clearly represents the two faces of the band: between mathematical instrumental rides, visionary precision, phanta-urban environments an alternating with the rock-reading pieces of the author, in line with the heavy Mental Poetry project. A poetic research which aspires to a new bond with music, making the latter not simply a complement, but an accurate counterpoint to words that aim to be as hard as rocks, as sharp as blades, and as graceful as butterflies.